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This is what we do...

 Provide Good Local Market Intel and Territory Market Reports

- Covering Emerging Markets, Asia, Latam, selected major  western markets (see  later page for details).

- As they say in the military... 'time spent in reconnaissance, is never wasted'!

 Games Company Lists

- We have collected detailed information on the top 400 publishers and developers around the world and from all game sectors.

- These could become target client' lists for your Sales and Biz Dev guys.

 Bespoke Research

- With our extensive industry contacts, we can find out most things that you need to know (but can’t find out yourself).

 Sales Representation

- We could represent you in certain territories – perhaps where you are not able to find a local a partner / where you do not have the right contacts / or just do not have the time.

- We would find local partners and generate orders (incremental business).

- No need to pay salaries – just a small commission on sales generated (so it is self funding).

 Business Development and Connecting People

- Perhaps you just need some introductions to the right people in the industry?

 Commercial Due Diligence Work

- Being ‘an independent’ it's often easier to find out information anonymously.


- Perhaps you need to find someone quickly, but don’t have the time or the budget to go through the usual recruitment company process.

- With our extensive contacts, the right person is often only a quick call away.

 Advise a 'Best Practice' plan

- We could make strategy and operational recommendations on how to improve business arrangements.

- And provide an experienced 'fresh pair of eyes' to look at your business.