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Market Reports

We write regular Market Update Reports covering the Games business in all the key Emerging Markets, plus some of the more developed territories including: Australia, Spain, Italy and Nordics.

These deal with both the digital and traditional gaming sectors.

Which Emerging Markets are covered?

Middle East, Russia, Latam, Asia, Poland, Central Europe, Greece, South Africa, Turkey, Portugal, India and the Adriatic Region. 

What Value do they add?

  • They are written by a former commercial director for current business directors (i.e. in your language).
  • They provide information that will help your business decision making process…
  • For example, where should I invest (place my chips)? (e.g. marketing $ / localization).
  • You will be able to benchmark your performance against other companies.
  • Territories are benchmarked between each other too.
  • You will be up to speed on the latest news & trends in the territory (markets are changing so quickly).
  • They offer comments on future market growth/opportunity e.g. VR.
  • Easy on the eye presentation - Key data summarised on one page too.
  • A ready made document for internal presentation/reporting/ territory visits.

But our local partner tells us what is going on already..?

  • These reports offer an 'independent outlook'.
  • Local Partners will often paint a picture that will sell their own story / needs.
  • And the biggest decision you have to make is often ‘am I with the right local partner!’
  • I speak with all key distributors, local publishers, format holders, retailers, online sources and obtain audited sales data too.
  • So these reports offer news from outside a local partner's own sector.

But we get GfK data already..?

  • I provide an interpretation of the data.
  • And the reasons for the trends.
  • And comparisons with other territories / domestic sectors (i.e. added perspective).
  • GfK data is only available in a few Emerging Territories to varying accuracy.
  • It is a summary of knowledge from a variety of sources.

What do they cover?
A typical agenda (in this case, from an update on the Russain Games Market) is below.

The many reports I have seen, just present facts & stats but these go further by interpreting it all into suggestions on best practise and strategy for your business. They also offer an independent / balanced view of the market, with information obtained from many different sources / sectors of each market.

Who might they be beneficial for?
Anyone within the Games or Home Entertainment business, who deals in these territories at all levels of management.

Are they expensive?

No – it’s all negotiable! Please give me a call and I’ll see if I can meet your budget. For example, if you did not want the full version reports, I could tailor the reports to suit your needs. If you would like to see one of the reports, I can give you a live online demo or send you a free older report.

Contact:         Chris Stanton-Jones, tel +44 (0) 759 502 4940