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Emerging Markets Opportunities

It’s ‘Boom Time’ in the Emerging Markets
There are many reasons why you should take these markets seriously...

  • The boxed software market in 'PAL' Emerging Territies combined (not incl. China) contains 2.5 Bn people - i.e. 40% of the World’s population.

  • The Video Games' market growth is outperforming Western Europe.

  • There is a large and growing legitimate software business. For example, the total PlayStation software business in these markets combined, is a substantial 12-15% of the total European business - about the size of Germany.

  • Great value digital and mobile business is able to take gaming to the masses and to groups of the population that were not able to afford (the more expensive) console gaming.
  • There are very good, professional distribution partners to work with and often several to choose from.

  • There is a rapidly developing retail environment. 

This is most noticeable with the construction of many new modern malls and shopping centre complexes. This has further encouraged the entrance of major retailers such as Media Markt, Carrefour and Auchan. Retail space in Moscow alone, has doubled in recent years. 

As a result, there is massive untapped potential for incremental business / exponential growth for your products.

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 "The great thing about Emerging Markets is, a small amount of work can reap big results."