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“I worked with Chris since his years at SCEE while he was VP for Distributor Territories and also since he created Catapult Business Solutions.

Catapult’s market reports are very valuable, accurate with a real insight.

They bring in a concise way: key data, trends and market opportunities.

Chris brings the highest levels of professionalism and has a wealth of knowledge and credibility.”

Carole Degoulet, Director


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 ''We have worked for the last 6 months with Chris and as a result, we have made major inroads into the key emerging markets. Chris is a model professional and met all the agreed timelines on the projects we agreed with him. He has a wealth of knowledge on Export markets and offers real insight on the future potential of these markets and how to access their potential as a publisher.''

  Michael Sherlock, Co COO , 



''When I contacted you about Greece & Turkey, we needed to pull together a major plan for these territories at very short notice to present to the visiting execs, so the fact that you were able to give me the reports at such short notice was a godsend and saved us so much time!  What it allowed us to do was put together an overview of country and general data on the games market very easily and then concentrate on ......... (our own strategy) ..... Comparing some of your report information with other sources we were working from it showed that your data was definitely valid ......So thank you again.....''

Sarah Rogers, Sales Director, NCSoft


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''Catapult Business Solutions have illustrated to us the highest levels of professionalism and delivery. We commissioned a number of territory reports with particular focus on the emerging markets with 6 monthly update refreshes. The information supplied was accurate and sensitive to our particular business needs, the presentation was of the highest professional standards and the reports have been circulated within our organization as reference documents. Chris has an enormous amount of experience and credibility after many years at SCEE and Coca Cola.''

Justin Gaffney, General Manager - European Publishing


 ''Great report Chris, I love your comments ....... keep up the good work. 

This is a benchmark in market reports!''

 Lars Wingefors, CEO Game Outlet



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Rising Star Games 

''The wealth of market knowledge and ‘can do’ attitude demonstrated by Catapult as a partner in our emerging markets business this past half year has been a significant addition to Rising Star Games. The sharp insight, business acumen and forward momentum to each challenge has brought substantial commercial reward to our business.''

Martin Defries, Managing Director, Rising Star Games


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 “With Catapult’s experience and wealth of knowledge of the emerging markets, Ignition has now expanded into areas that were previously beyond us. The results of which have been very promising. We are delighted with professionalism and enthusiasm shown. Catapult has proven to be a valuable partner and one we are happy to be associated with.”

  Phu Tien, International Sales Manager